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Shadow of the Giant


Orson Scott Card


Ender's Game Book Series


Shadow Saga



Year of Publication


Preceded by

Shadow Puppets

Followed by

Shadows in Flight

Shadow of the Giant is the fourth book of the Shadow Saga and the eighth book of the long-running Ender's Game series. It was written by author Orson Scott Card and published by TOR.

The story chronicles the story of what is happening politically and militarily on Earth after the Third Invasion of the Bugger War, just like it's predecessor's, Shadow of the Hegemon and Shadow Puppets. It also continues the story arch of Bean, which explains Bean's deadly condition, his relationship with Petra Arkanian and their children, and how Peter Wiggin slowly gained his way into position of Hegemon and what he did afterward, which is focused on in all the books in the Shadow Saga, those being the two books mentioned beforehand and Ender's Shadow.

Summary Edit

Early in the book, Mazer Rackham, a hero of the Second Invasion of the Formic War, meets up with Han Tzu, a Chinese Battle School student who studied with Andrew Wiggin. The course of discussion leads to Rackham explaining how the Emperor of China is not suitable for his job and how he has taken away the Chinese Mandate of Heaven. Rackham then hands Han Tzu a blow dart pen, of which Han Tzu decides to kill the Emperor, Snow Tiger, with. Tzu succeeds, with the support of the soldiers and the people, and then proclaims himself the new Emperor of China.

Later, Peter Wiggin, Hegemon of Earth, and Petra Arkanian, decide to visit Caliph Alai. The two help convince him that he has no control under his Muslim people, who are secretly going out and killing non-Muslim people of the newly conquered region of India. Alai, who only wishes for a peaceful Muslim nation, decides that they must make this change, and that he must take action to gain control.

Peter Wiggin then leads into the creation of the F.P.E., the Free People of Earth, which aims at being a world government that would not fail like the United Nations did so many years ago. This government plans to take control of all the militaries of the world, which would create a world army, a seemingly impossible task, and this army would be able to resist another world invasion from aliens, such as the Formics, and would reduce cross-country warfare.

Virlomi, who put the population under the impression that she is a goddess in the country when she freed the country from the Chinese occupiers. She is first proposed to marry Tzu, but she rejects him. She then gets the idea to marry someone with far greater power, that coming in the form of Peter Wiggin. She plans to meet Wiggin through a private meating, but as soon as they meet, Wiggin rejects her marriage proposal. She then attempts to marry Alai, the second greatest power in the world. She decides to get Alai in a position of fear, saying that all of India would attack his nations if she did not get what she wanted and that if they got married, India and the Muslim nations would be joined. Alai then marries her out of fear. After being married, she uses her power to influence Alai's followers into wanting to take the world and rule it under forceful Islamic Rule. Alai soon divorces. This leads into an assassination attempt by Alai's men towards him, but Alai escapes safely, into the hands of loyal Muslims.

While the affairs of Alai unfold, Julian Delphiki, also known as Bean, is looking for the rest of his and Petra's children, which have been spread all over the world before being born and implanted in several different mothers by Achilles de Flandres. Petra soon gives birth to her first and only implanted child, who they name Andrew. As this event unfolds, Bean realizes that the other children are soon going to be born soon as well. Bean then contacts the International Fleet to use one of their advance computers to take care of Ender's retirement funds, just in case he needed them in the future, and to search the Earth's hospitals for unusual activity which would lead him to his and Petra's children. The International Fleet finds seven of the nine missing children, but keeps all but two a secret, meaning that Bean and Petra have three children: Andrew, Bella, and Ramon. Two of the children have Anton's Key turned, meaning that they have the same malicious genetic condition that heir father has; which means they will grow up to be much smarter than regular human beings, but will die much earlier.

Rwanda first decides to join the FPE, on the condition that Felix Starman, their leader, proposes: that Julian "Bean" Delphiki leads their forces. This condition is met, and the F.P.E. begins it's first true step in Global Domination.

After these incidents are revealed, a world dominating war breaks up between the F.P.E., China, India, and the Muslim nations. Bean and Petra return to the home of Petra's parents, where they would take care of the babies, while Bean and Petra served the military. The F.P.E., made up of the same army that fought in Thailand under the leadership of Bean and Suriyawong, along with various other divisions, go on into integrating more territory into the F.P.E. Meanwhile, India plans an assault on China, but Virlomi and her forces are ultimately defeated and captured; a short while later, the war ends.

Bean's other children are all revealed by the I.F., and Mazer gives Bean an opportunity for his children with the conditions to survive, which comes in the form of putting them in a space shuttle and traveling at light speed. That way, due to relativistic travel, in a few weeks, which would be a years on Earth, the cure could be found. Bean decides to do so, and so he would not cause any problems, tells her he would fake his death in battle.

Nations continue to join the Free People of Earth.

In the end, Petra decides to marry Peter and have more children, due to the fact that she would surely never see her former husband again, of which she still mourns for. Peter then gets into contact with his younger brother, Ender, who is still much younger due to space traveling. Peter asks Ender to write a book about himself, as he saw Ender's book writing skills presented in Speaker for the Dead. Ender completes the books after Peter dies, entitling it Hegemon. Petra believes it to be everything Peter would have very wanted it to be. Both books go on to be bestsellers.

The ninth child of Bean's is never found by the IF, being in the possession of Randi, who gave birth to the child herself, therefore being untraceable through the machine that searched through hospitals. Randi has been manipulated that Achilles de Flandres was a good man and that principally Peter Wiggin and Bean are responsible for the death of the great Achilles. She plans to flee to a colonization ship, as to be safe from the dominant new world government ruled by the people she hates, where she would raise her son, Randall (Achilles Flandres II in Randi's mind), to follow in her hero's footsteps.

Important CharactersEdit


The book is considered the last in the Shadow Saga, but a new book, Shadows in Flight, has been stated to be in production by author Orson Scott Card. This story will supposedly continue Bean's story. Randi and Achilles Flandres II's story is continued in the book, Ender in Exile.


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