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Ender's Game - "Mazer Rackham's Run" Clip01:02

Ender's Game - "Mazer Rackham's Run" Clip

Mazer Rackham
was an I.F. officer and the hero of the Second Invasion. He was assigned to mentor Ender Wiggin to become the commander of the Third Invasion. 


Mazer Rackham was described in the book as being a half-Maori New Zealander with a heavily-tattoed face. His face is tattoed so he can look back to his lost ones. He flew his jet into the Formic mother ship during the second invasion. He trained Ender To destroy the enemy planet, and he is an I.F. officer.Edit

In The AdaptationsEdit

 In the 2013 adaptation, Mazer Rackham was played by Ben Kingsley.


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