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Julian "Bean" Delphiki was the genetically altered child of Julian and Elena Delphiki, and the brother of Nikolai Delphiki.


Early LifeEdit

Bean was stolen, along with 22 other frozen embryos, from his parents and was genetically altered by his half-uncle, Volescu, to have the genetic trait known as Anton's Key 'turned'.  The Key, once turned, caused him to have an ever growing body and mind.  He learned faster than normal humans, and had a perfect memory.  However, since his body was growing constantly, he would remain small as a child but eventually grow so tall his organs would give out. On being discovered for his illegal testing, Volescu discarded of the other embryos.  However, Bean escaped and hid in a toilet tank at around the age of one.  He was found by a janitor later, and was taken home, however he ran away from home after being seen he wasn't wanted.

Bean lived on the streets of Rotterdam by himself until he was approximately four years old, when he devised a pass or fail plan to help him survive.  He chose a 'crew' boss, Poke, who wasn't too intelligent, and convinced her to scare a bully into helping her.  Even at this young age, she know she chose wrong when she chose a crippled yet intelligent bully named Achilles.  He charmed the crew into liking him, and began to 'civilize' the streets while keeping his 'family' safe.  Bean saw, however, that he held grudges, and was weary of him.  When Sister Carlotta, who was testing street children for traits necessary to attend Battle School, came to check on Achilles off a tip a soup kitchen owner had, she discovered Bean instead.

She taught a school for a short period of time and realized that Bean was the intelligent one.  Bean ran away, afraid of the 'family,' but returned shortly.  Achilles left then because Ulysses, the bully they beat up to get into the soup kitchen, was back on the streets looking for him.  However, he ended up killing Poke and blaming it on Ulysses.  Bean saw all this and ran off to live with Sister Carlotta, who couldn't believe his scores. Because of his mental powers given by Anton's Key, he easily passed the preliminary tests, so well that at first Hyrum Graff, the administrator of Battle School, thought that they were faked.

Battle SchoolEdit

Bean was a member of two armies in Battle School; first as a soldier in Ender's Dragon Army and later as the commander of Rabbit Army.

Command SchoolEdit

Bean eventually went to command school and was part of Ender's Jeesh during the Third Invasion.

Life in GreeceEdit

Resurgence of AchillesEdit


  • In the book Hidden Empire on page 233 (another book by Orson Scott Card), a talk show host searches his brain for the name of a Command Device. He first thinks of it as the "Bean", then realized it was called the "Noddle". This most probably is a reference to Bean, as Bean was a great strategist and the helmet gave the wearer full of observance of battles and a strategic advantage.


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