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"Hard work. Studies, just like school here, except we put you into mathematics and computers much more heavily. Military history. Strategy and tactics. And above all, the Battle Room."
—Colonel Hyrum Graff[1]
Battle school

Battle School above Earth

Battle School was an International Fleet facility specifically created to educate highly intelligent children in the art of war, ranging from advanced military science classes to direct simulated combat in a zero-gravity environment, to produce a near-perfect Fleet commander for the Third Invasion.


Conception and CreationEdit

Battle School was founded a generation after the Second Invasion by Admiral Mazer Rackham and Colonel Hyrum Graff. According to the short story Mazer in Prison, after the Second Invasion the International Fleet sent ships to the Bugger Homeworld in hopes of destroying it. Mazer Rackham sent to Relativistic Speeds so he would emerge still young to command the human ships. But Rackham thought he was not the best candidate for the job, so he reprogrammed the ship's controls so that the IF could no longer control his ship. Then he worked with then Captain Hyrum Graff to establish a school to train children in space to command the ships.

80 Year InterimEdit

Then for two generations, Battle School found the children with the best command skills on Earth and brought them up to Battle School where they were trained in Zero Gravity in hopes of one day developing the best commander for the humans.

Initial Shut DownEdit

Ministry of ColonizationEdit

Educational ProgressionEdit

During their first year or so in Battle School, students are called launchies and live with their launch group, the around 20 student that came with them on the shuttle to Battle School. They are given basic computers with primitive pass codes which protect their desktops. They take classes far more advanced than their age group would at Ground School and learn about the Battle Room. After about a year, a student is usually transferred to an Army; launch groups generally are transferred to armies at the same time. In an army, they will be assigned to a Toon to practice battle skills with. Students in the same army will sleep in long barracks with children of multiple ages. Commanders generally sleep in their own rooms. During any time in a student's time in Battle School, they may be transferred to another Army of simply iced (sent home early). After some time, a student might become a toon leader, leader of a toon and some may eventually become an Army Commander. At around age 13, students will graduated from Battle School if they are not iced or other wise unable to continue. Most will go to Combat School, but some will move on to Tactical, Navigation, Pre-Command or Command School.

Battle School CurriculumEdit

The Battle RoomEdit

The Battle Room is a central part of a student's time at Battle School. The Battle Room is a zero-gravity environment where the students do battle with one another with null gravity. In it, there are large floating cubes called stars, which add a certain terrain like feeling to the fighting.


At Battle School, students will be taught courses pertinent to space warfare, such as military history. Students will learn thing far beyond the ability of children their age would at Ground School; Ender Wiggin was learning Trigonometry at age 8. It is unknown how much freedom there is in selecting courses.

Student LifeEdit

Social EnvironmentEdit

Students are usually encouraged to make friends while at Battle School. This helps them develop human interaction and Leadership skills. There are many counselors at Battle School to help students with problems, but they seem to be not much use for serious issues. In that case sometimes a student may request help from a teacher or administrator. But they tried to isolate Ender at first.


Meals are prepared and served at Battle School by chefs and the student's eating habits are analyzed by the Staff. There are at least three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals are meant to keep the students bodies strong but not unhealthy, though they do serve pudding, which was described by Mick as not healthy.


Aside from the Battle Room, there are other games the students play either together or alone. These games are used by the staff of Battle School to psychoanalyze a student's playing and show command potential. One of the few personal possessions a student has is their desk. It is a multipurpose personal computer. There is a game on their desks called the Fantasy Game. It basically is an adventure game that reprograms itself to fit each student's needs. Eventually the game comes to a part called the Giant's Drink where a giant asks the player to drink from one of two cups. No matter what a student may do their character will always die. The Giant's Drink is used to measure a student's suicidal rate. There was only one suicide in Battle School history and that was a child named Pinual.

There is also a Game Room where the students play games during free play, these are also psychoanalyzed by the staff.

Facility LayoutEdit

The entire Battle School consists of three rotating disks orbiting Earth (though the students only are supposed to know about one of them). The centrifugal force replaces gravity where there would otherwise be little or none of it. Because of the wheel structure of Battle School, all of the floors seem to curve upwards.



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